Consume a service

Quick overview

Steps to Consume a Service:

  • Sign Up on the apinity marketplace with your e-mail address and log in.

  • In the top-right corner, create a Workspace for your company by clicking on Create Workspace and filling out the form.

You will manage your services and subscriptions from the workspace.

  • Go to the Catalog.

  • Browse to the service you are looking for and click it to open.

  • In the service description click on the tab Available Plans to see the different pricing options. By clicking on the plan cards you can see all pricing details, limits and technical documentation.

    If the service offers a Demo Plan (indicated with a badge), you can use the demo plan for testing the API and integration for free.

  • On the preferred Plan, click on Subscribe. A “Review order” page will show you all details of the subscription as well as the legal documents. In order to continue, click on Complete Order.

  • The technical setup of the subscription will happen in the background and after a few seconds you will be brought to the Subscriptions page where the new subscription will be visible.

  • In the next step, you need to set up your API credentials. Click on the subscription and scroll down to the Create or Assign Consumer Clients section. Click Create New & Assign.

  • Define a name for this Consumer client and copy the automatically generated API-Key. Save the API Key in a secure place.

In order to see details on the technical consumption of an API, please refer to Consuming an API.

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