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Welcome to the apinity end-user documentation


apinity enables and simplifies the exchange of digital services for the insurance industry.
Via apinity exchange, digital API-based services can be easily provided and consumed.
Digital services developed and maintained by independent third-party service providers are onboarded and offered on display in the apinity marketplace. These services can be purchased and consumed by Service Consumers. The web interface offers providers and consumers with all the needed functionalities to support the service provision and consumption experience. On the backend, our marketplace engine is automatically configured to route all the traffic between consumers and service providers using API Gateway technologies.
The apinity marketplace is one specific instance of the apinity exchange SaaS product.
Customers can acquire apinity exchange as a fully managed SaaS solution to be their own customized hub for internal (restricted) and public API services. For more information about features and pricing, check
Most of this documentation refers to navigation and actions on the apinity marketplace. The user experience in a customized apinity exchange tenant may differ at certain points, though it should be mostly similar.

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For Publishers
For Consumers
If you want to publish a service on the marketplace, use this quick start guide to create a service and a demo plan:
If you want to subscribe to an existing service on the marketplace, use this quick start guide on subscribing to a service:
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