Once you have finished editing and reviewing your information, click on Submit Plans in the left side menu.

If you have not submitted your service description for publishing yet, the first Submit will send only the Service for review, and you will need to Submit the plan(s) subsequently by repeating the dialog.

In the Publish Service popup window, select the items you are ready to submit.

By clicking Submit, you accept our Terms of Service. In case of any questions or concerns, please contact before submitting.

The review can take a few business days.

Once you have submitted your service / plan(s) for review, they cannot be edited any further until they are published. To cancel the review so that you may edit, please see Cancellation & Rejection

You will receive an email when the status of your service changes. You can also check the status under My Hub. Your Services and their respective Plans can be found under the Provided Services section.

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