2024 April

🎉 Major updates

  • Providers can now define additional questions during the subscription workflow. Consumers must fill in the required information before their subscription gets approved. This helps providers gather important standard information for customized service setup.

  • It is now possible for users to delete owned workspaces, assuming there are no more active subscribers and subscribed services.

  • Besides manually picked service collections, it is now also possible to define dynamic collections based on certain service parameters such as Categories or Countries.

🛠️ Improvements & fixes

  • Hide upstream server URL from the consumer-facing / catalog view of services.

  • Improved user experience of the APIs page under My Hub.

  • Fixed the Workspace Details' address fields to accept non-numeric characters in post code and street number.

  • Improved the sorting of the Subscriptions table under My Hub.

  • Improved the workflow of API deletion.

  • Fixed an issue where too many uploaded documents flowed out of the service page.

  • Hugely improved the performance of lookups in the Admin Area.

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