Publish a service

Quick overview

Steps to publish a service:

1. Sign up

Sign Up on the apinity marketplace with your e-mail address and log in.

2. Create a Workspace

A workspace represents your company, organization or team in the marketplace.

You will manage your services and subscriptions from the workspace.

In the top-right corner, create a Workspace by clicking on Create Workspace and filling out the form.

3a. Define APIs

An API is the technical representation of a product.

APIs can belong to one or more Services.

  • Go to My Hub > API Collection.

  • Click Upload APIs to upload an OAS/swagger definition file in JSON format.

  • Click Set up your Access Control to define authentication method(s) for your API(s).

3b. Create a Service

A service is the marketing representation of a product and its features.

It can be created parallelly to defining the actual APIs.

  • Go to My Hub.

  • Start service creation by clicking on Add Service.

  • Specify a Service Name and click Add Service.

  • On the next page, fill out the Overview and at least the first Main Feature. Mandatory fields are indicated with *.

4. Create a Plan

A plan is the commercial representation of a service. In a plan, you associate APIs to the service, and define the pricing and limits of consumption.

  • In the top-right corner, click on Continue to Step 2: Plans. On the next page, click on Add a Plan.

  • Define the plan's Name and Service Type.

  • Using the available tabs, proceed to:

    • Define the plan's Visibility.

    • Assign APIs to the plan.

    • Define Limits and Pricing.

    • Upload a legal Contract for your provided service.

5. Publish

  • When you have filled in all the required information, click Proceed to Publishing in the top-right corner.

  • Click on Submit plans in the left menu. In the Publish Service dialog, select the items you are ready to submit. By clicking Submit, you agree to the Terms of Service.

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