Subscribing to a Service

For a brief overview check out Consume a Service - quick overview

Finding the perfect Service

Navigating to brings you to the marketplace Catalog.

You can either browse through the listed Services, use the search bar to look for a specific Service, or filter by category or country using the dropdowns.\

Viewing Details of a Service

Clicking on a Service leads you to the service's Overview and Available Plans sections.

  • Overview - this page contains the service description and feature details.

  • Available Plans - this page contains an overview of all the available plans as well their respective Limits & Pricing, Documentation & Contract, and Swagger File.

Ordering a Subscription

Once you have decided on the service and plan you want to subscribe to, click Subscribe in the Available Plans section of the service.

On the next page, you can review your order, as well as read the apinity marketplace Terms of Service, the Terms of Service of the Service Provider, and the Data Policy

Click Complete Order to agree to the terms and data policy, and to subscribe.

Setting up your Consumer Clients

After you completed a subscription, you will find the service under the Subscriptions section of My Hub. In order to consume the service, you must assign at least one Consumer Client. Under the Technical Setup of the service, you have the option to create a new consumer client, or assign an existing one.

If this is your first time setting up a consumer client, please check the Consumer Clients article for more information.

If you have already set up Consumer Clients, you can choose Assign/Unassign Clients and select one or more of these.

If you need a new consumer client, you can choose Create New & Assign, or freely create new unassigned consumer clients under the Consumer Clients section of My Hub, by clicking Create New Client. Both will lead you to a similar dialogue window:

You can choose between a simple API key and OAuth for authentication. You can read more about these in the Consumer Clients article.

Make sure to save the API Key or Client Secret in a secure place as long as it is visible. Once you click on Create Client, you will no longer be able to view this API Key or Client Secret, and will have to generate a new one.

Managing your Subscription

Once your subscription is active, you can click on it in the Subscriptions section to view the details of the subscription. Technical and business-related information is shown in separate tabs:

  • Technical Setup (only for API services) - contains the Endpoint URL, consumer client settings, Swagger documentation, and additional technical documentation if provided.

  • Business Setup - contains the plan, subscription period, pricing and contract. You can also unsubscribe from the service here.

Using the APIs

With everything in place, you can now start consuming your subscribed Services. For more information, please see the Consume an API (technical Implementation) article.

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