2024 January

Release date: 08.01.2024

🎉 Major updates

Milestone feature: Collections 🎉

We introduced Catalog Collections. This allows administrators to create hand picked collections out of the published services in the Catalog, with thematic banner and visual configuration for each collection. Collections get unique URLs, offering easy promotion and sharing.

Further feature releases

  • We enabled administrators to create a catalog banner. This is a customizable banner over the global catalog, providing an additional way to visually tailor your SaaS tenant's external catalog.

  • Providers can now Contact subscribers directly from the Subscribers dashboard.

🛠️ Improvements & fixes

  • Fixed a UI bug in the Access Controls table, where entries with long names spilled out of column.

  • Fixed several places in the UI where recent changes were not visible without a forced page refresh.

  • Since plan contracts were made optional, the UI still showed a broken placeholder on each plan. This was now fixed, plans without contracts don't show the Contract section anymore.

  • Administrators can now invite themselves to workspaces in their tenant. Until now, they could only invite other users.

  • ...and many more.

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