Create a Workspace

A Workspace is a business profile managed by one or more users. The workspace is used to publish services or to subscribe to them.

You can create your first workspace by clicking on Create Workspace in the top-right corner after having created a user account. If you are already member in a workspace, you can drop down the Workspace selector and choose Create Workspace there.

In the popup window, enter the workspace details:

  • Define a name & upload your logo.

  • Enter your company details e.g. company name, VAT-ID, address. This will be used as the billing address.

  • Add a contact person (This should be a person who is in charge of billing and can be contacted for administrative questions).

The contact person details will be visible to your subscribers as well.

The company details are only visible to apinity.

Finally, press Create Workspace below to submit the form.

You are now the owner of a Workspace. You can consume services on our marketplace as well as provide services via your workspace.

You can invite other Users to be a part of your Workspace. Different Users within a Workspace can be given different access rights. Please refer to Manage Users .

Start working with your Workspace profile

Once you’ve create your workspace you can either publish your service or subscribe to any service on the marketplace.

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