Visibility in the Catalog

You have several options to determine the visibility of your service, and of individual plans. This article explains these settings, and gives you a checklist to help your service appear publicly in the Catalog.

Service Visibility toggle This toggle, next to the Service Description, defines globally whether the service can appear in the Catalog. If switched off, the service is accessible only via direct link. Anyone with the link can access the service page, this toggle does not involve any permissioning. For more info, see Add a Service.

Plan Permissions On individual Plans, you can define who is allowed to see them (and hence, subscribe). You can use "Selected Workspaces" for test plans (limiting to your workspace), or to offer tailored pricing, limits, or even custom API backend, to specific customers.

"All Workspaces" will display the plan in the public catalog. For more info, see Add a Plan.

Plan Visibility You can additionally toggle the visibility of individual Plans. This can be used to retire plans without ending the existing subscriptions.

Hidden plans will not appear to anyone (irrespective of permissions), and cannot be subscribed to.

Visible plans will adhere to the permissions set in the previous step.

In order to appear in the public catalog

  • a Service must be set to Visible, and

  • at least one Plan - must be set to Visible, and - must be permissioned to All Workspaces.

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