Add a Service

A service is the marketing representation of a product and its features.

In My Hub, click Add Service in the top-right corner.

In the popup, enter a Service Name and click Add Service.

You can create Service Descriptions independently of the technical setup under API Collections. You will assign APIs to the service in the next step, under Plans.

Service Description

In Step1: Service Description, you have the opportunity to refine your Service Name. The Service Name will be shown in the catalog together with your Workspace name and therefore should be unique and describe your service clearly.

The Short Description is a short plain text that will be displayed on the catalog card of the service.

The full Product Description is a richt text where you can embed pictures, and use paragraphs and font formatting. This allows you to create eye-catching info material about your service.

Once the service is published, the name cannot be changed. Please keep this in mind before submitting your service for publication.

Besides that, please fill out as many fields as possible to present your services in the best light and create a worthwhile customer experience for your potential customers.

You can use the Service Visibility toggle to decide if you want to hide your service from the marketplace catalog while still maintaining a deep link / direct URL to your published service. This deep link can be saved and shared at your discretion. The Visible toggle can be turned on or off at any time.

Once all the necessary information has been filled out in Step1, in the top-right corner, click on Continue to Step 2: Plans.

Optionally, you can add further details to your service, such as technical documentation, FAQs, and contact details specific to the service.

If you are not ready to create a plan, you can choose to Submit Description, which allows you to publish without any Plans, or you can leave your Service as a draft by clicking on Back to Provided Services.

To learn more about adding plans please refer to Add a Plan.

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