Edit existing Services or Plans

You can edit your service and its plan(s) by clicking on My Hub in the top menu and then Provided Services in the left menu. In the Provided Services section, you will find an overview of all your services.

Click on the service you wish to edit and you will be brought to the same pages as when you first created the service. Here you can edit or add any information.

The service / plan name cannot be changed after they were published.

If your plan has active subscribers, the only possible change is sharing a Workspace plan to additional Workspaces.

A Visible toggle is made available when you've published your plans. This toggle allows you to hide your plans from the marketplace catalog while still maintaining a deep link / direct URL to your published plan. This deep link can be saved and shared at your discretion. The Visible toggle can be turned on or off at any time.

Please refer to Add a Service and Add a Plan for more detailed information about the different sections.

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